As Rams prepare to play, WR Cooper Kupp seeks answers as to why he cannot

Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp
Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp / Tyler Schank/GettyImages

The LA Rams are one week away from the opening kickoff against the Seattle Seahawks, but competing for the Rams in the season opener is a fading hope for Rams star wide receiver Cooper Kupp. Snakebit? Injury prone? The Rams can ill afford injuries to their best offensive weapon. But it appears that the injury epidemic that riddled the Rams roster last season is not quite willing to stop tormenting Rams players and fans just yet.

And that has prompted Cooper Kupp to seek out answers: Why?

As more and more injuries occur, everyone has become more sensitive to players on the Rams roster who seem to have a higher-than-average frequency of injuries. And unfortunately, under that criteria, Cooper Kupp has been an oft-injured player.

Kupps injuries are concerning

He tore up his knee, an ACL injury, and missed eight games in his second NFL season. When the Rams were able to make the playoffs following the 2020 NFL season, Kupp suffered a bruised knee against the Seattle Seahawks, and was unable to player in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers. In 2022, he suffered an ankle sprain in October 2022, but aggravated that ankle several weeks later that forced him to undergo surgery.

This year, he suffered a hamstring injury on August 1. While he was expected to recover in time, for the 2023 season, he aggravated the injury. Now, the Rams are being extra cautious with Kupp, and Kupp is seeking answers.

While the Rams offense may have some benefit to utilizing all of the other weapons in the season opener, the Rams chances of winning games this year almost certainly necessitate having a healthy Cooper Kupp on the football field.

Cooper Kupp has amazing chemistry with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, a connection that has propelled both receiver and quarterback to set or threaten multiple Rams franchise and NFL records. But it will only happen if Cooper Kupp can return to his 2021 form.

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Rams fans hope that Kupp can return to health quickly for the team. But perhaps even more importantly, that when he does return, he will remain healthy for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season.