Baldy' Breakdown: LA Rams IOL Steve Avila is 'Rookie Gold'

Steve Avila, Los Angeles Rams
Steve Avila, Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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"Rookie Gold"

it is through no fault of Steve Avila that hs is often overlooked when it comes to the stars of the 2023 LA Rams rookie class. He was the first player chosen by the team, the 36th overall player selected in Round 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft, at a position of great need, interior offensive lineman. But the standards for offensive linemen is much different than that of other positions in the NFL.

While defensive backs, edge rushers, running backs, wide receivers, and especially quarterbacks all have measurable and reported statistics, the NFL has never quite mastered the art or the science of measuring the quality of how well an offensive lineman performs. Yes, there are subjective measures like Pro Football Focus, (subscription required) which measure the subjective analysis of players via video review.

Thankfully, we have other means of getting a feel of how well LA Rams rookie left guard Steve Avilla performed in 2023. NFL Insider and analyst Brian Baldinger is one of the best in the business. Not only are his videos entertaining, but he has a wealth of knowledge that he imparts to his viewers in layman's terminology.

Just check out his breakdown of how well Avila performs by helping out his teammates. This is the stuff that truly warms fans' hearts and elevates expectations for an even more-dominating performance in 2024.

What I appreciate most about Steve Avila Is the way he commits to helping out his teammates time after time, ensuring that the goal of protecting quarterback Matthew Stafford is met by the entire offensive line, and not by just focusing on his guy.

That unselfish willingness to help teammates to either side is what I find most encouraging about Avila as we pivot from 2023 to 2024.