Baldy's Breakdowns raves about Seminoles package-deal on Rams defense

Jared Verse, Braden Fiske, Florida State
Jared Verse, Braden Fiske, Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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Baldy's Breakdowns highlight chemical reaction of Rams rookie due

I truly appreciate the insights and breakdown of football plays by NFL Insider and analyst, Brian Baldinger. Steeped in football knowledge, Baldy spends less time trying to prove how much more he knows about football that is audience, and simply celebrates the players and plays that he features is his reviews.

Unlike many NFL analysts, Brian Baldinger assesses the Rams draft results by the quality and fit of the rookie players added, not by the cost of adding them to the roster. As such, he does not bemoan the action taken by the team's front office to trade up in the 2024 NFL Draft to select DT Braden Fiske with the 39th overall pick in the draft. Rather, he applauds the Rams for identifying and acting on the high-reward effort to land the pair of dominating defenders from Florida State's highly respected collegiate defense.

I have seldom seen Brian Baldinger dabble in collegiate football analysis in the past, but he certainly gets right to it by featuring Rams Verse and Fiske in a series of video clips that highlights just how effective these two can be on the same team. This pair shares an instinctive understanding of one another, and create natural and organic stunts where one player sacrifices himself to take on blockers while the other pursues the quarterback.

And the results are very impressive indeed:

Baldy showcases numerous twist stunts executed with nearly textbook precision by Jared Verse and Braden Fiske. Throughout his breakdown, Baldinger showcases how each player launches himself into the path of blockers to free up his teammate. And they do it without hesitation or reluctance. In essence, both defenders exhibit the type of professional humility that allows them to willingly take on the less glamorous but vital role to enable his teammate to make the play.

That is the stuff that coaches love to see.