Baldy's Breakdowns raves about Seminoles package-deal on Rams defense

Jared Verse, Braden Fiske, Florida State
Jared Verse, Braden Fiske, Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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Why is this 'chemistry' so vital to Rams defense?

As soon as I mention the 'Aaron Donald effect,' anyone and everyone who has been a fan of the LA Rams for the past ten years instantly recognizes what that means and has meant to this team and defense. But in the unlikely event that you are a new reader of Ramblin Fan, or don't recognize the team, I can explain. The Aaron Donald effect is the patterned uptick in edge rushers' production by playing on this defense alongside Aaron Donald.

Because Aaron Donald was so good at what he did and commanded a lot of attention from offensive coordinators, quarterbacks, and offensive linemen, he often drew two, three, and even four blockers on any given play. As a result, many defenders would only face one blocker who stood in their way to sacking the quarterback. As a result, many players who ultimately signed lucrative contracts with new teams have Aaron Donald to thank for making them independently wealthy.

Unfortunately, Donald's retirement means that offensive coordinators, quarterbacks, and offensive linemen no longer need to fixate on Aaron Donald on the Rams defense. That could spell difficulty to those players who are less able to handle double team blocking in the NFL.

But that may not be a problem with the combination of Jared Verse and Braden Fiske.

As you witnessed in the Baldy's Breakdown video above, Verse and Fiske have developed stunts to thwart and overcome double-teams, and did not need Aaron Donald on the football field to do that. In essence, the front office has clipped a pulverizing pair from the Seminoles defense, and grafted them into the LA Rams defensive front.

And based on reports out of OTAs, the duo has already been demonstrating that ability to dominate up front. That is not just good news for the team and fans, but it is vital to ensure the Rams defense remains competitive in 2024.

Or as Brian Baldinger so eloquently puts it:

"(I) Cant wait to watch these 2 on Sundays"

NFL Insider Brian Baldinger

And in all honesty, neither can I. Thanks for reading