Behind Enemy Lines: Intriguing Packer views on the Week 9 showdowns with Rams

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I: Rumors are starting over the Packers' disappointment with QB Jordan Love in favor of rookie QB Sean Clifford. What has led to these rumors, and what is the likely outcome?

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl:
Jordan Love is not going to be benched. At the very bare minimum, the Packers are going to evaluate him for the entire 2023 season before making a decision on what the future holds. Objective No. 1 for the Packers this season was to figure out if Love could be their starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, but admittedly, that has been difficult to evaluate with all of the chaos going on around him.

There are certainly areas where Love has to improve, and the first seven games haven't provided any clarity on whether or not he can be the guy. However, the circumstances around him have been far from favorable. The offensive line play - a supposed strength coming into the season - has been subpar. Receivers are running the wrong routes and dropping passes, not to mention that penalties have been a major issue for this team as well. Right now, the Packers are living in obvious passing situations, which isn't a recipe for success for any young offense.

II: The Packers opted to sell at the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline. trading DB Rasul Douglas to the Buffalo Bills. Is this a mild indication of surrender for the 2023 NFL season? Did the Packers get FMV for Douglas in the trade?

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl:
(Green Bay Packers GM) Brian Gutekunst said that it wasn't the Packers' intention to trade Rasul Douglas, or anyone for that matter, but the Bills reached out and ultimately made an offer that was "too good to pass up."

As GM, it's about striking a balance between helping the team compete at the moment and also keeping an eye on the future. At 2-5, in a season that was already deemed a bit of a reset before the year even began, the Packers had the opportunity to get a top 100 pick and clear roughly $7.5 million in cap space for next offseason on a player who only had one year left on his contract.