Behind Enemy Lines: Intriguing Packer views on the Week 9 showdowns with Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

V: The LA Rams do not exactly have a great track record against the Packers in recent years. How can the struggling Packers continue that streak? Is there any sentiment among fans to lose the game and preserve a quite favorable position in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl:
Green Bay has to find a way to play some form of complementary football. The offense can't pick up a first down in the first half, let alone score, and the defense is allowing the most plays per drive this season. The Packers then find themselves in an early hole, become one-dimensional, and get away from their game plan on offense while the defense struggles to get off the field.

The offense ends up holding the ball for a very small portion of the first half, and the defense has been out there far too long. Again, it's a vicious cycle they can't get out of. I'm not sure that it would lead to a victory, but step one for this team is to put up a touchdown early and for the defense to get a few stops. At least at that point, they'd have a fighting chance.

Bonus: Game prediction

Dairyland Express Paul Bretl:
Prediction: If Matthew Stafford were playing, I'd pick the Rams. However, with it looking like Brett Eypien will get the start, I'll cautiously pick the Packers. For many of the reasons already discussed, as I'm sure you can tell, there aren't a ton of reasons to be confident in this team right now. 

Packers 17 - Rams 13

The LA Rams certainly have a new challenge in Week 9. Before the injury to LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford during the drubbing at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, I would have been cautiously optimistic about Week 9. Now? Not so much. The Rams folded every bit as much as the Cowboys did when facing the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the season.

While Week 9 will not flex into any NFL prime-time coverage, it will be a good game nevertheless. The parity and history of the LA Rams and the Green Bay Packers will keep this game very intriguing for NFL fans nationwide. We'd like to extend our warmest wishes to Dairyland Express and Paul Bretl once again.

While both teams need a win to get back on track, I fear that the LA Rams need this victory just a bit more. If the Rams can claw their way back to 4-5 before their BYE week, plenty of positive things can still happen this season.

But, hoping for a Rams rally to find its beginning at Lambeau Field seems awfully desperate. What are your thoughts. Can the Rams finally break the Lambeau losing streak?