Behind the Grind episode 3 places 2 2023 Rams stars back on center stage

Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams, Kobie Turner / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages
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The LA Rams Behind the Grind series has taken the insights and peeks behind the LA Rams football organization to an entirely different level. The truth is that the access afforded to fans in 2024 has gone above and beyond anything ever seen or experienced before. The Behind the Grind series so far has been more than a peeping tom's view of things that fans have not seen before. This has been a doctorate-level expose of storytelling, the ins, and outs of what football operations and challenges truly become in terms of stress and decision points in the day-to-day functions of the LA Rams.

For me, the thrill of the 2024 Behind the Grind series is the landmarks, culture, and interactions of the team that we can learn about now, which will aid in the understanding of the future of the team. Unlike the HBO Hard Knocks series which tells a story to entertain even the most casual of fans, this narrated tale-telling is aimed at the topics that team fans are most interested in seeing for themselves.

The Rams' own marketing department has played an incredible role too in affording the type of access to the LA Rams' inner machinations. In 2024, they contrived an incredible Beach Party event for the Rams 2024 NFL Draft that included huge video screens on the beach. It was the type of stuff that fans could only dream about in years past. But it created an incredible party environment for the NFL's three-day event that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime type of memory maker.

The NFL was not to be outdone, however. For the second year in a row, the NFL licensed the rights to create a video documentary - NFL Draft: The Pick is In and the 2024 episode featured the LA Rams, if for no other reason than the fact that the Rams held and planned to use a Round 1 pick for the first time since 2016.

And the behind the scenes story for the Rams was all about efforts to trade up to a position that would make selecting former Georgia TE Brock Bowers or Texas DT Byron Murphy II before standing pat to select Florida State OLB Jared Verse:

But even the streaming services of The Roku Channel was aimed as casual NFL fans, the drama of 'will they or won't they?' trade up, and about the creating an anti-climatic impression that the team had to settle for Verse and his teammate, DT Braden Fiske.

In reality, the Rams held high regard for all four players, and the fact that they managed to pull off a heist of claiming both Florida State rookie prospects with their first two picks was the real story that seemed to get less attention from the 2024 NFL Draft in that video.

But he who edits decides what the final story will be.