Behind the Grind: How LA Rams work to succeed in the NFL Draft

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Behind the Grind: Episode 2 - LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft

In the second episode of the LA Rams Behind the Grind series, the LA Rams strategy that prepares the personnel department to make the right choices in the NFL Draft. While we can applaud or shake our heads at the players who were selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, the results of these choices will not be known for years.

Even one year from now, what will we really know about the Rams 2023 rookie class? Will it truly be about the rookies who were so talented, so good, who developed so quickly that they earned a starting role on this team? Or will this year be more about the abundant number of opportunities that lay waiting for rookie players to claim them, simply from the fact that the Rams have created the starting roles for the best rookie to claim?

Perhaps I'm just an NFL draftnik, a nerd who loves to sit back, munch on pizza and sip a cold brew, and enjoy the drama and the strategy of the LA Rams as they tackle another draft and reform the Rams roster.

There is simply so much to take away from the two Rams episodes, I will simply allow you to view and take away what you want. For my part, I always pay close attention to Rams GM Les Snead. And one of the gems that i am taking away is the philosophical shift in the LA Rams strategy, no longer racing like a rocket to the void of outer space.