Best available kicker for the LA Rams in 2024 free agency

Los Angeles Rams kicker Lucas Havrisik
Los Angeles Rams kicker Lucas Havrisik / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages

The LA Rams certainly could use help in special teams in 2024. The special teams group seemed to struggle in several areas, but the worst optics had to come from their revolving door around the place kicker position. The team trialed multiple kickers over the course of the season, and had two kickers, Brett Maher and Lucas Havrisik, in the starting role at various times over the course of the season.

For the icing on the kicker cake, the Rams signed former rookie kicker Tanner Brown to a Reserve/Future contract for 2024. That completes the circle, effectively starting the Rams search for a new kicker back to the starting point. What can the LA Rams do?

Some believe that the Rams may address their need by drafting a kicker in the 2024 NFL Draft. While that could make some sense, the team signed two of college football's best place kickers in 2023: N.C State kicker Christopher Dunn, and Oklahoma State kicker Tanner Brown, with very disappointing results. While no player or draft class reacts the same, the team may be less willing to place all of their hopes on another rookie so easily.

The best avaiable kicker is . . .

The Rams may want to consider a different approach this year. Former Tennessee Titans kicker Nick Folk is entering his 17th NFL season at the ripe ole age of 39. You might think that time would have dulled his ability to boot the football through the uprights. Well, you would be wrong:

Folk not only was an outstanding kicker in 2023, hitting 29 of 30 field goas for an eye-popping 96.7 percent accuracy rate. But he was dead-on accurate up to 50 yards. At 50+ yards, he was an incredible five of six. His worst accuracy? He was 28 of 30 on extra points.

The Titans were able to re-sign Folk in 2023 for one-year deal worth $2.2 million. While he would love to remain with the Titans, I believe that the Rams could pry him away with a modest one-year contract worth up to $3.5 million. That is still easy on the pursestrings, and gives the team a veteran starter who has both power and accuracty. Meanwhile, the team should pursue at least one additional kicker to develop on the practice squad.