Best best memes/Twitter reactions to LA Rams pick at 36

Steve Avila
Steve Avila / David Purdy/GettyImages

Did the LA Rams please you or perturb you with the 36th overall selection of the 2023 NFL Draft? Based on the reactions on social media, this was a home run for the LA Rams. Why? When did the selection of an interior offensive lineman suddenly become something to celebrate so openly?

Let's back this all up to the LA Rams entire offensive plan. The Rams are going through more than a typical off-season restock of the Rams roster. This is a team that has gotten as far as any NFL team can get by swapping tires and refilling the gas tank. But in 2022, the LA Rams hit the wall. Devastating injuries to the offensive line and secondary, and never did abate. Rather, injuries spread throughout the Rams starters.

But the Rams had a different feel this offseason. The team entered the 2023 NFL Draft needing everything because this team had shed players via trade or outright release. The Rams needed 46 players. Now, 45 players. That is because the team has added an incredibly versatile interior offensive line in the form of TCU's IOL Steve Avila.

What are the reactions on social media? Well, former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz loves this addition:

Want a pass blocker? Thanks to NFL Writer from CBS Sports Jeff Kerr, here is a little tidbit:

No sacks allowed in 515 passing blocks last season? You have to like that.

But how athletic is he? The great news is that he has plenty of athleticism, enough to raise some eyebrows on the LA Rams coaches.

But the real 'sniff test,' for this pick is what do the LA Rams fans think about it? After all, LA Rams fans buy the tickets, purchase the merchandise, and keep the LA Rams relevant win or lose. So what's the verdict?

Overwhelmingly positive.

Some used pictures that spoke 1000 words.

The standing ovation was the overwhelming consensus.

And the reasons for celebration ran the gamut from the very pragmatic fans:

To those who simply wanted the Rams to fix an offensive line that has been the recipient of duct tape for years.

In the end, I looked for negative reactions, but I really could not find any. This was a huge positive step for the LA Rams.

Back to basics? Perhaps. But this LA Rams teams need to get to those basics, and they are doing so. Don't take my word for it. The LA Rams fans have spoken. And they are giving the LA Rams a standing ovation.