Best depth the LA Rams have enjoyed under Coach McVay at this position?

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Christian Sims
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V: Christian Sims

Let's turn our attention to Christian Sims first. After all, he never heard his name called out during the 2023 NFL Draft, but he has some intriguing qualities about him that make him worth getting to know. For starters, it was curious for the LA Rams front office to add another tight end are trading for one, and then drafting one, but Sims has some better-than-the-brochure skillsets that shine despite his lack of refinement at the position.

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Christian Sims is a 6-foot-2 239-pound versatile offensive weapon who can be used in a variety of roles in the LA Rams offense. While he is a bit raw, he was one of the most productive receivers for the Bowling Green offense. The most significant challenge is that he is a bit undersized, and even when factoring that in he is ineffective at blocking. Of course, he was undrafted, so that comes with the territory. He is not an obvious fit for a traditional offensive role. But if the Rams can harness his athleticism and playmaking ability, he could raise some eyebrows quickly.

Projection: Practice squad

IV: Davis Allen

The next tight end I'd like to discuss is the Rams drafted tight end, Davis Allen. While he was chosen by the Rams with the 175th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, ranked him as their 130th-best player on the big board, with represents significant value for the Rams simply from a BPA (Best Player Available) standpoint. Better still for the Rams, he fell into a position of need (who am I kidding, the Rams needed help at every position).

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Davis Allen is a 6-foot-6 245-pound tight end out of Clemson who truly appears to be an NFL-ready tight end. I won't pretend to tell you that the LA Rams 'got their guy,' after reporting that the team tried to trade up to select Utah TE Dalton Kincaid, but the Rams certainly got nice value in the fifth round. Allen has a blocker mentality, will make blocks at the point of attack, and then look downfield to block defenders in the secondary. He has great field awareness and can box out defenders when going for the catch. While he will not stupify anyone with ultra-athleticism, he is a hard-working tight end who has that grind baked into his habits already. That should bode very well for a rookie trying to make an impact in 2023.

Projection: 53-man roster