Best moves the Rams made in 2024 NFL Draft

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
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IV: Circling back for IOL depth

Perhaps one of the savviest moves by Rams GM Les Snead is the sneaky way that he senses the most opportune moments to select necessary positions in the draft. The depth of interior offensive linemen was rather impressive in the 2024 NFL Draft, so the obvious plan was already in the works to address the void in the roster by the release of backup center Brian Allen and the free agency departure of IOL Tremayne Anchrum Jr. I am pleased to say that the front office accomplished both.

By adding both IOL Beaux Limmer out of Arkansas and and OL Kevin Leveston out of Kansas Stat, the team instantly adds competition to the roster, and adds high-quality insurance for any in-season mishaps at any of the offensive linemen positions this season. Joe Noteboom comes back as the primary 'swing tackle' for this team in 2024, but now the roster boasts two offensive linemen who will be competing instantly for backup roles. Beaux Limmer is particularly impressive, so keep an eye out for these two.

III: Defensive front 'committee' to absorb the void of Aaron Donald

There will always be those who argue that there is no replacing Aaron Donald, and I understand that in the purest sense of the word. But the team has to move forward in 2024 without him, and there are no options to hit the pause button. Ultimately, there will be the 'next chapter' for this defense, that will need to be written by new players, new faces, and a brand new DC Chris Shula.

The team truly got a bargain in Round 5 by selecting Washington State OLB Brennan Jackson and in Round 6 by selecting Clemson NT/DT Tyler Davis. Rather than trying to finesse the positions with some olympic level athleticism, the team focused on passionate players whose physicality will never come into question. With Bobby Brown III entering the last year of his contract, the team has his understudy on the roster in Tyler Davis. And with disappointing results with the pass rush in 2023, the team invested in some serious bad-azz brawling with Brennan Jackson

Both players will almost certainly earn a rotational role in the defense this season.