Best moves the Rams made in 2024 NFL Draft

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay
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II: Bringing in Braden Fiske

The team may have had defensive linemen on their shopping list, but even I was impressed by the team's willingness to move up to ensure that they would not be shut out of a top-tier prospect in the draft. There is a saying, 'No risk, no reward,' that very much seems to apply in the 2024 NFL Draft scenario for the LA Rams.

When the draft board turned to make a mini-run on defensive tackles, the team had the option to either do without or move up on the board to get their guy. By trading up in Round 2, the team not only adds one of the top defensive linemen in this rookie class but adds a guy who can compete immediately at the NFL level.

Fiske is a workhorse who is both agile and proficient. He does not take plays off. Best of all, he already has a connection with another rookie added to this defense.

I: Defense got Verse-atile

When the LA Rams selected Florida State outside linebacker Jared Verse, the resounding theme of almost all fans shared in comments sections, forms, and social media that they never expected him to be on the board when the team made their selection. On the draft board, he was the top-rated edge rusher from this draft class. But let's pack all of that away for just a moment

Jared Verse is a Leonard Floyd type of outside linebacker, a guy who has mastered each and every role and responsibility of the position. Unlike some who have been touted as the 'best pure pass rusher,' in this draft class, Verse takes on all roles of outside linebacker with a sense of maturity and pride. He knows that to win defensive snaps, you have to stop the run, which he can do with command and fury.

When it's time to rush the quarterback? He can do that too:

What I love about this rookie class most of all is the way that so many prospects have a clear path to a significant role on this team. And the entire roster just got tougher, more physical, and a lot more football-field furious.

There is not one selection that I hate in this draft class. In fact, there are none that I am even lukewarm about. This team needed three starters from the 2024 NFL Draft class. The LA Rams may have overshot the mark.

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