Biggest draft steals in Rams history

Los Angeles Rams, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Gregory Wojcik
Los Angeles Rams, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Gregory Wojcik / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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10: RB Steven Jackson

Drafted: 1st Round, 24th overall in 2004

When he was selected with the 24th overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, nobody could have guessed that a 6-foot-2 240-pound running back out of Oregon State named Steven Jackson would go on to become the top-ranked All-Time Career Rushing Yards Leader for the Rams. And yet, that is precisely the type of career he had for the Rams.

But it's unfair to view Jackson simply for his rushing, as he was a very dangerous receiver as well. In 2006, Jackson caught 90 of 110 passes thrown his was for 806 yards and three touchdowns. Jackson would ultimately play nine seasons for the Rams before playing the final three seasons of his career for the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. His 2,396 carries and 10,138 rushing yards in his career continue to hold the top spots in the Rams All-Time Record books.

9: QB Norm Van Brocklin

Drafted: 2nd Round, 37th overall in 1949

The fact that the LA Rams drafted NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Norm Van Brocklin with the 37th overall pick in the 1949 NFL Draft is even more impressive when you realize that the team had drafted quarterback Bobby Thompson with the 7th overall pick in the same draft. "The Dutchman" would go on to complete 1011 of 1897 passes for 16,114 yards and 118 touchdowns for the LA Rams.

That places his as the fifth-ranked quarterback on the Rams All-Time Career Passing Yards Record Holders list. Perhaps an even more impressive fact is that the NFL was primarily a run-centric sport at the time, and forward passes were not nearly as sophisticated (nor as protected by the rules) as the option is today.