Biggest draft steals in Rams history

Los Angeles Rams, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Gregory Wojcik
Los Angeles Rams, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, Gregory Wojcik / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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6: OLB Kevin Greene

Drafted: 3rd Round, 113th overall in 1985

Even a share of NFL Hall of Famer Kevin Greene is enough to make this list. The 6-foot-3 247 pound outside linebacker out of Auburn was the 113th pick in the 1985 NFL Draft for the Rams, but he would leave his mark on three different NFL teams, and would renew the interest in 3-4 defenses around the NFL.

Greene played eight seasons for the Rams, and would know his best and worst seasons in horns. In his rookie season, he appeared in 15 games, but would get no quarterback sacks and only 15 tackles. But five seasons later, in 1989, he would earn All-Pro honors with 64 tackles and 16.5 quarterback sacks.

Greene would go on to put up 160 quarterback sacks over his career, 72.5 of those sacks while playing for the Rams.

5: DT Aaron Donald

Drafted: 1st Round, 14th overall in 2014

While many may not believe that All-Pro Aaron Donald should appear on any NFL list at a number greater than one, keep in mind that we are discussing the biggest draft steals in Rams history. Yes, a player who is a perennial All-Pro is absolutely elite, but we are talking about a team with nearly 100 years of history, and a long line of NFL Hall of Fame legends to choose from.

All-Pro DT Aaron Donald has kicked down the door for defensive line prospects who stand shorter than 6-foot-3 and who weigh under 300 pounds. Before data analytics was a thing in the NFL, scouts were given standards for various NFL positions to ensure the likelihood of success in the NFL. One such standard for defensive linemen was a minimum height and weight to ensure that they could withstand the physicality of the position.

Over the course of his 10 year career with the Rams, 6-foot-2 280-pound defensive lineman Aaron Donald recorded 543 tackles and 111.0 quarterback sacks. That lands him as the third-ranked Rams All-Time Career QB Sacks Record Holder.