Bleacher Report pitches insane 3-team Rams trade that will never happen

It's clearly the offseason, because the imagination is running wild at Bleacher Report with the latest Rams 3-team trade proposal.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Tutu Atwell
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Tutu Atwell / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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Great imagination. But this trade proposal has three very fatal flaws. For openers, there is no compelling reason for any of the three teams involved in this trade proposal to be involved in this trade proposal. Secondly, the Steelers are either content to keep a fully healthy Cameron Heyward, or try to trade him if he is not restored to full health.

The Rams are not in the habit of trading for veterans who are in the sunset years of their career. Even when the Rams traded for OLB Von Miller, one of the draft picks was intended as restitution for the Broncos picking up most of Miller's salary.

If Heyward is capable of putting up stellar numbers, the Steelers have no reason to deal him away. If he is struggling, there is no reason for any NFL team to have any interest in him. The Steelers have Heyward under contract through 2024. So the Rams would be trading a player selected in Round 2, and picks in Round 3 and 4, for a one-year rental.

Heyward already admitted to considering retirement before the 2024 NFL season. If traded to the Los Angeles Rams, he will only play for one season, or may simply opt to retire instantly.

This trade proposal stinks through and through

Grade: F