Braden Fiske knows he holds vital role on Rams defense, and loves the pressure

Braden Fiske is under plenty of pressure, and is loving every minute
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Braden Fiske
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Braden Fiske / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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It will all work out for Rams rookie DT Braden Fiske

The Rams have added rookie defensive tackle Brade Fiske. And the cost of doing so has already begun to give some fans second thoughts about adding him. But the value of any trade has nothing to do with the cost of the pick as it does the cost of the player. So, the question is, is Braden Fiske worth the cost of two second round picks?


Filling a hole in the roster takes more than just adding a warm body to take on some snaps in the rotation. If an NFL team plans to do well, the rookie prospect has to want to do very well as well. Unfortunately, the workout adage applies in this case: 'No pain, no gain.' And so before signing autographs for fans, or getting interviewed by sideline sportscasters after starring in an NFL game, rookies have to grind it out on the practice field, doing drills, and putting in the work t be ready to perform in the upcoming season.

That is where DT Braden Fiske excels. He is constantly working to improve his game.

What I love most about Braden Fiske is the fact that he adheres to the #DAWGWORK philosophy as well as Kobie Turner did in 2023. He embodies the Discipline, Attitude, Work-ethic, and Grit workout affinity that leads young defensive linemen to the start of effective and productive NFL careers.

The key to getting their is putting in the work. Fiske is doing exactly that:

But there are various stages of working out. There is the normal track of working out. Then there is the upgrade by working out on your own. But there is the master's level workout, asking the Great One, Aaron Donald, to help get your body and mind prepared for an NFL season. Now, guess with path rookie Braden Fiske is taking this offseason?

Fiske wants to work out with Aaron Donald before the start of training camp, and it's a great idea to do so. Not only does he learn from the master himself how to prepare for an NFL season, but he will also have the chance to pose questions and glean Donald's insight and wisdom in a pseudo-mentor role of the rookie defensive lineman.