Breaking down the LA Rams roster and 2023 season in these 3 words

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II: Continuity

The problem that the LA Rams failed to successfully address throughout the 2022 NFL season, the problem behind the problem of injuries, is the problem of continuity. The Rams roster was not just battered by a constant stream of injuries, but even as the Rams front office scoured the NFL Waiver Wire, practice squads, and free agents to add suitable players to slide into compete for starting roles, the Rams stuck behind their third stringers who were not ready for the challenges.

Those mistakes in judgment forced the Rams to continue the turnstile of players into starting on the offensive line far too long and often. That is something that the Rams coaching staff must avoid this season. You know that you've taken your automobile to a bad mechanic when you notice a pattern of swapping parts with no signs of car problems getting fixed.

Swap parts or solve problems

Many of the Rams' challenges last season felt like a car in the hands of that bad mechanic. The Rams' roster swapped out a lot of players, but nothing seemed to fix the team. In fact, it only seemed to make the Rams worse over time. Of course, the Rams did hit big on some player substitutions. The Rams sent practically all of their outside linebackers packing in 2022 save veteran OLB Leonard Floyd and their rookies. Then, the team pivoted defensive lineman Michael Hoecht to play as an OLB, with solid results.

The Rams also claimed defensive lineman Larrell Murchison off waivers, only to be pleasantly surprised at his ability to generate pressure on the quarterback, even in the absence of Aaron Donald.

Now, the Rams pleasant surprises from one year ago have the chance to show up each week, and in the process develop the synergy and chemistry with teammates as they learn and grow together as a defense, offense, or special team's unit. While this team may struggle early, as long as the team can stay healthy, they will be playing at a far improved level by the final games of the season.