Breaking down the LA Rams roster and 2023 season in these 3 words

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I: Opportunity

No matter how talented a rookie prospect may or may not be, their NFL career simply will never take off until they are given the opportunity to compete in live NFL action. For those NFL units that are dependent upon continuity, communication, chemistry, and coordination like an NFL offensive line or an NFL secondary, that can end an NFL career as quickly as start one.

The aspect about the 2022 NFL season that hasn't really gotten a great deal of focus is the fact that so many young players finally had the chance to compete. In some circumstances, the results were a bit underwhelming. But on tne other hand, there were some situations where the LA Rams learned a great deal about the younger players on the roster, and about the team overall.

Give me a chance

We witnessed just how much of an impact opportunity can make when the LA Rams finally played wide receiver Tutu Atwell after so many other receivers were assigned to Injured Reserve. Rather than appear like a deer in the headlights as was his rookie season, he was a determined and capable offensive weapon who was able to put up some yards, scored a touchdown, and proved that while he may never seize the career of center Creed Humphrey, he does have enough value to be given future opportunities in the Rams offense this season too.

Besides injury, the greatest concern I had with the LA Rams was the insistence to commit virtually every snap to the one or two players and expect that to fool defenses and generate positive yards on each play. If the Rams offense had any self-scouting to flag tendencies, those scouts need to be replaced. Until the Rams lost all of their primary offensive weapons to injuries, the offense was shamefully predictable.

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The Rams added some quality talent to the Rams roster this offseason. My hope is that we do not have to wait for injuries to pile up before we see them get some action. In the end, preparing the team to compete in 2024 only begins with adding talented players. The real work happens now. Will these young additions be counted on to contribute this season? I hope so, as the future success of this team may very well depend on it.