Brennan Jackson has the perfect reaction to being drafted by Rams

NFL Combine, Brennan Jackson
NFL Combine, Brennan Jackson / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

While the moment that an NFL prospect learns that he has been drafted by an NFL team is life-changing, I always get a smile when I see that pragmatic reaction from a future NFL player. It's a moment when lifelong dreams are realized. It's the moment when all of the hard work, grueling training, and relentless focus bear the fruit of the door opening into the world of the NFL.

And that is the moment that the fun begins.

For Washington State OLB Brennan Jackson, the matter was about realizing dreams and lots of hard work that has paid off. But whenever a player on the defensive side of the football is selected or signed to this team, I immediately begin to think of former LA Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson, and his #DAWGWORK principles that became the foundation of so many NFL defensive linemen.

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Whe Brennan Jackson learned that he was drafted by the LA Rams with the 154th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, he admitted that he wanted to keep his draft celebration small and intimate. And then, as a passing thought, he mentioned that he would be hitting the gym early the next day.

Somewhere, Coach Henny is smiling.

Don't believe for one moment that playing time on this defense or at outside linebacker is not up for grabs. It is. And if Brennan Jackson works hard and impresses the coaching staff at training camp, whenever defensive snaps go up for auction, he has the winning bid.

It may have taken a lifetime of work to get here. But he is only at the base camp of Mount Everest. The rest of the way is a steep climb. Some prospects don't understand just how much work is required to find success in professional football. But Brennan Jackson got the memo. He has already begun to up his game in terms of his workout schedule.