Buffalo Bills bolster their defense with this productive LA Rams pass rusher

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

It was only a matter of time, right? The LA Rams have a number of free agents still available, and it was quite clear from a financial perspective that no homecoming was in the works. Former Rams players will need to see out new homes with new teams. And that has not been an easy task so far.

NFL teams learn over time. Free agents who played on the LA Rams defense were highly coveted acquisitions at one point in time. But their pattern of underperforming for their new team has created a bore tide against the consensus. Even as Rams defenders flooded the NFL Free Agency market this year, teams were hesitant to sign them to lucrative contracts. In fact, one of best deals signed by a Rams player was Matt Gay, the team's placekicker.

Even as teams fought the urge to add free agents who wore horns in 2022, roster needs are impossible to ignore. The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings need pass rusher reinforcements, and LA Rams outside linebacker Leonard Floyd is certainly capable of playing the outside linebacker position well enough to start for any NFL team.

Rams reunite, in Buffalo?

Today, the long wait for Floyd is over. While he likely wanted to sign one final multi-year deal to carry him into retirement, it seems that he will need to bet on himself in 20223. The Buffalo Bills offered him a one-year 'prove it,' deal, which has finally met with his approval. And so, he has agreed to join his former pass rush teammate Von Miller in the lake-effect snow wonderland of Buffalo, New York:

Floyd will be welcomed by plenty of former LA Rams players, including OLB Von Miller, IOL David Edwards, DB Taylor Rapp, and ILB Travin Howard. The Bills even have former LA Rams OL Coach Aaron Kromer on staff. It seems that the Bills are desperate enough to compete for a Super Bowl victory of their own that they are more than happy to welcome former Rams players who had competed in and won Super Bowl LVI.

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Will the strategy pay off? Leonard Floyd has been a Steady Freddie of production, and much of his best work in 2022 came while LA Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald was on the bench recovering from a high ankle sprain. The Buffalo Bills' defense will be much more difficult to score against with Floyd putting up his 9.0+ quarterback sacks for them.