Buffalo Bills sign Rams FA IOL David Edwards to 1-year deal

David Edwards
David Edwards / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The LA Rams players are becoming more and more popular. While the LA Rams free agents did not get scooped up quickly with the first wave of the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, they are certainly getting signed to new contracts now. While the bigger name free agents like Taylor Rapp, Leonard Floyd, and even Bobby Wagner remain unsigned, others have found their fair market value (FMV) to be well within the budgets of other NFL teams.

The latest LA Rams free agent to be signed is IOL David Edwards. Edwards was not a likely option for the LA Rams after two consecutive sessions in the NFL concussion protocol all but ended his 2022 NFL season quite early. Now, he will be moving across the country to reunite with former teammate veteran outside linebacker Von Miller with the Buffalo Bills:

If the Bills plan to use Edwards as a versatile swing tackle or for interior offensive depth, that may work for both their team and David Edwards. At 6-foot-6 and 308 pounds, he has the size and power to compete for virtually any NFL offensive line role (that does not involve hiking the football). While he only played four games for the LA Rams in 2022, he has been a reasonably healthy and consistent player in hir four-season NFL career. He has appeared in 53 games for the LA Rams and started 45 of those games.

Shuffling off to Buffalo

Edwards was a key starter for the LA Rams offensive line in 2021, the year that ended with a win in Super Bowl LVI. He started all 17 regular season games, and then handled business by starting all four post-season contests, including Super Bowl LVI.

LA Rams fans truly appreciated David Edwards, often citing him as one of the better offensive linemen on the team. But after witnessing two consecutive games where he was sent to the medical tent under suspicion of a concussion, and failing to make timely progression in his second cycle, his health became the dominant priority.

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The LA Rams front office expected to let Edwards walk away in free agency this year, so this will not derail any offseaon strategy. But the hope is that the LA Rams can fill the vacated roster spot with a durable and effective starter. And of course, the hope is also that David Edwards remains unquestionably healthy as he resumes his NFL career in Buffalo, New York.