Can LA Rams OC Mike LaFleur change the Rams offense, or has he already?

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford, Mike LaFleur
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Matthew Stafford, Mike LaFleur / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

When the LA Rams hired former Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur to take over as the LA Rams new offensive coordinator, I scrambled to discover whatever information I could glean and stockpile without diving behind the myriad of paywalls that have sprung up to charge for the convenience of supplying that information with one stop shopping.

Early information confirmed my initial suspicions. Mike LaFleur is a young offensive coordinator who is still learning, still developing his 'style' in terms of what his offense will hang its hat on. Still, while young, he checked all of my 'gotta have,' boxes for the Rams offensive coordinator job. He and Head Coach Sean McVay are familiar with one another (no surprises), he is a product of a strong rushing offense, and he is certainly not just a yes-man.

Still, there are questions over how easy it will be for him to work with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, and all of the Rams quarterbacks for that matter. After all, without assigning blame, Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson struggled mightily in his first NFL season. While that is more likely on the shoulders of Wilson, it does drag LaFleur into questions of his ability to optimize his quarterback, regardless of skillset, personality, and experience level.

LaFleur's offense can run the football

But one area I was not concerned about in how well the LA Rams running backs, and how Cam Akers especially, would perform in an offense that is overseen by OC Mike LaFleur. Even now, as I am more and more convinced that this Rams offense must commit to running the football, I continue to see evidence of the Rams reconfiguring to do exactly that.

The LA Rams, without a lot of fanfare, have gotten bigger offensive linemen, The team has also re-signed a physical north-south running back in Cam Akers. The Rams signed a new offensive line coach Ryan Wendell and a new running backs coach in Ron Gould, both of whom seem to align with the more physical balanced offense mindset of LaFleur.

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Perhaps I am mistakenly asking the wrong question. Can LA Rams OC Mike LaFleur change the Rams offense? Or, under everyone's nose has he already already transformed this offense?