Can Rams beat the clock against Cowboys market-setting contract for Prescott?

The LA Rams contract negotiations are suddenly a race against time. The team hopes to finalize any contract with QB Matthew Stafford before the Cowboys ink QB Dak Prescott to a market-setting deal.
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Matthew Stafford / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Here comes Florio and his spin on the situation

For many LA Rams fans, this is simply a window dressing matter to be settled between the player and the team. Yes, Matthew Stafford found a fountain of youth for the Rams in 2023. But that resurgence was aided and enhanced dramatically by two other developments for the team.

The first was the investment in the team's offensive line, and the benefits that better pass protection and run blocking meant for the team. The second development was the unexpected break out season this offense discovered by featuring second-year running back Kyren Williams. Both developments were related and dependant upon one another. And both contributed to veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford earning NFL Pro Bowl honors for only the second time in his career.

And that leads to the 2024 turmoil for the Rams right now. Will the team re-do Stafford's contract? And if so, what's the hold up?

Of course, the lack of real information opens the door for mischief-maker Mike Florio, paired with co-host Chris Simms. As expected, Florio goes right to work about sowing the seeds of concern over the matter, leaving anyone who trusts him and his message to see the thunderstorms brewing on the horizon:

Thankfully, co-host Chris Simms is the voice of reason, and points out to his alarmist co-host that Matthew Stafford has embodied the principles of keeping contract matters on the down-low. The Rams are not a team that publicly disclose contract matters. Stafford is a player who has entrusted the team and his representation of getting deals done.

The Rams made it clear throughout the off-season that Stafford is their guy, and that they will get a new deal done.

The thing is, there are storms on the horizon. But neither Mike Florio nor Chris Simms mention where the trouble spot is located. It's in Dallas Texas, home of the Cowboys. And the trouble is their own contract extension negotiations with their starting quarterback Dak Prescott.