Can Rams beat the clock against Cowboys market-setting contract for Prescott?

The LA Rams contract negotiations are suddenly a race against time. The team hopes to finalize any contract with QB Matthew Stafford before the Cowboys ink QB Dak Prescott to a market-setting deal.
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys, Matthew Stafford / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Dallas and Dak are the real matters for concern for Rams-Stafford situation

When it comes to resetting the market in terms of NFL quarterbacks, the consensus is that any team hoping to keep a lit on spending on their quarterback had better fast-track those negotiations. Right now, the Dallas Cowboys and the Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott are queuing up contract negotiations that could reset the market for quarterbacks to all time highs.

And to be truthful, Dak Prescott and his representation has all the leverage in the world to get as much as possible from the Cowboys in the next contract:

So what does that mean for the LA Rams and their negotiations with veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford? Well, it would be very wise for the Rams to sign a new deal with Stafford before the Cowboys sign their deal with Prescott.

While Dak Prescott is five years younger than Stafford, his postseason success has been quite limited. He has played for eight NFL seasons and completed 2,595 out of 4,516 passes for 29,459 yards, 202 touchdowns, and 74 interceptions.

The 36-year-old Stafford has completed 4,834 out of 7,649 passes for 56,047 yards, 357 touchdowns and 180 interceptions. Stafford has enjoyed more success in the NFL Playoffs, particularly so since joining the Rams football team.

However you see these two quarterbacks in head-to-head comparisons, nobody wishes for the Dak Prescott contract to become the market-setting boilerplate for the Rams' negotiations with Stafford. To ensure that does not happen, the team needs to fast-track any contract extension with Stafford to get that deal done before the Cowboys complete their contract negotiations.

Can Rams beat the clock against Cowboys market-setting contract for Prescott? Let's hope so. There is a lot of money flying around in terms of offensive players right now. The Rams are already behind the eight-ball at both the running back and wide receiver positions. Let's hope the team has enough common-sense to avoid the Trifecta.

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