Can the LA Rams win in Week 5 without HC Sean McVay embracing the run?

So far in 2023, when the LA Rams run, the Rams win. But can the Rams win in Week 5 while still ignoring the run?

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What's in store for Week 5?

After four games in 2023, the LA Rams record stands at 2-2. But objectively assessing the Rams performance, this team could be at 4-0 with a tweak to some officiating rulings and a luckier bounce of the football. While I am by no means advocating a 'Wudda, Cudda, Shudda,' perspective about the LA Rams season, I merely want to advocate that the LA Rams are a very good team that just happens to hold a .500 record after four games.

The Rams are still learning their way, and progressing through the trial and error method this season. So even as the Rams young players appear to be saturated in productivity and experience, this is merely the tip of the iceberg for both players and coaches.

Dotson makes a difference

The LA Rams rushing attack was given an unexpected boost in Week 4 with the introduction of recently acquired veteran interior offensive lineman Kevin Dotson, who assumed the LA Rams starting right guard role against the Indianapolis Colts. Lo and behold, he deliver superbly in his debut:

The LA Rams know that the outcome of Week 5 will likely hinge upon putting up plenty of points, and that putting up points will depend on ensuring that quarterback Matthew Stafford is untouched in the pocket.

But I believe that the chances of the Rams' offensive line protecting Stafford increase dramatically with a strong commitment by the Rams offense to run with the football. Can the LA Rams win in Week 5 without HC Sean McVay embracing the run?

Perhaps. After all, anything is possible. But the Rams' chances improve by committing to the run. This LA Rams offense showed a well-balanced attack in Week 4. If the Rams can put up a similarly balanced offensive assault in Week 5, they have a good chance of an upset.