Can you guess how many Rams are enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame?

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American Gridiron goes global

With each new season, the NFL has introduced new marketing initiatives that add to the ever-increasing demand for the sport. The latest initiatives include the International Players Pathways, which aids international players in prepping for and signing on with a sponsoring NFL team to learn the professional level of play, and hopefully attract interest from their homeland. The NFL is also directing international markets to teams to involve in the draft and to locate future NFL games.

But there are some traditions that never change. One such tradition is the honor of being nominated for and inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. That is a prestigious honor that features the best players throughout the history of the game. Not just great performers, but players whose careers were so distinctive that the game was changed forever as a result.

How many LA Rams have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?

So how many Rams players have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame? Before looking for the answer, the Rams are tied with the second-most number of players to be inducted into the NFL HOF with the Green Bay Packer. And both teams trail the Chicago Bears, the team with the most HOF players.

Of course, when considering an NFL franchise, that includes any and all cities in which that team has played. And it includes players, coaches, and executives. That means that the Rams number includes players, coaches, and executives from the Cleveland Rams, the Los Angeles Rams, the St. Louis Rams, and now back to the Los Angeles Rams. So have you guessed the number without cheating?

The number of Rams in the NFL Hall of Fame is 33.

The entire list of Rams who have been inducted into the HOF can be found at this link here.

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