Can you guess what LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp's superpower is?

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Cooper Kupp
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Cooper Kupp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

It's relatively easy to overlook the ability of LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp to change the momentum and outcome of NFL Games. While he has had two injury-shortened seasons in his relatively young NFL career (he is entering his seventh season), when he is healthy he is expected to deliver 100+ receiving yards. The funny thing is, despite the defense knowing that will happen, they are relatively powerless to stop it.

So what is it about the Rams' 6-foot-2 208-pound wide receiver that makes him such an NFL anomaly? Is it the fact that he is confident but modest? I mean, here is a wide receiver who remains relatively quiet despite shattering the Rams' All-Time Single Season Receiving Yards Record. Beyond that, he nearly shattered the entire NFL All-Time Single Season Receiving Yards Record as well.

And yet, he doesn't get nearly as much attention as other lesser accomplished receivers. Is it because many NFL analysts believe that he is too good to be true? Or is this just one more example of nice guys finish last? I man, Kupp is a modest and likeable player who simply loves to keep his head down, his legs moving, and his receiving yards trending up. In the flash and glamor of NFL headlines and the Hollywood Hills, is Kupp simply too blue collar to be a true NFL star?

Cooper Kupp's super power

Perhaps we simply need to change the national narrative somewhat. Rather than focusing on all of the likeable traits that makes Rams receiver Cooper Kupp so popular with the Rams fanbase, perhaps we need to talk more about the traits that make Kupp one of the most feared receivers in the NFL today?

For starters, when Cooper Kupp is on the football field, he is a very dangerous offensive weapon. In fact, in 2021 he was head and shoulders better than any other receiver at gaining yards after the catch. Of 1,947 yards receiving, he put up 846 yards after the catch, tops in the NFL.

But he is more than a threat in the wide open spaces. He is a force to be reckoned with in close quarters too. Just check out his short route running rating in the latest Madden NFL 24:

Kupp simply creates separation, whether there are 50 yards to go on his route, or five yards to go. While we have plenty of questions over the LA Rams chances of success this season, there are no questions about Kupp's ability to deliver.

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Of course, Kupp does not play defense. So there is only so much that he can do for the LA Rams in any given season. But don't overlook what he is capable of. Cooper Kupp delivered 16 touchdowns in 2021, which if you factor in the point after equates to 112 points. That may not be enough to win all 17 games, but it is a great start. Can you guess what Rams WR Cooper Kupp's superpower is?

It's the ability to make any game that the LA Rams play with him on the football field, winnable.