Carson Wentz backing up Rams QB Matthew Stafford is ideal, but almost didn't happen

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IV: Jets apparently had the right of first refusal

Even as the LA Rams sought to solidify their quarterback depth, veteran quarterback Carson Wentz was also initiating efforts to solidify his NFL career. A starting quarterback by trade, Wentz understood that any offer from the Rams front office would entail a backup quarterback role only, and would only lead to starting and competing once more if something derailed with starting quarterback Matthew Stafford's efforts to return in Week 11.

The fact is that the LA Rams were not the first choice for Carson Wentz. Per NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, Carson Wentz and his agent reached out to the New York Jets to guage their interest in signing him before he signed with the LA Rams. The reason is obvious: Wentz believed that his chances to start for the Jets were greater than his chances of starting for the Rams this season.

And he is probably correct.

Jets say no, Rams say yes

While Carson Wentz was very interested in playing for the New York Jets, the Jets did not reciprocate. Instead, they declined Wentz and his agent's overtures, forcing Wentz to pivot and accept the LA Rams offer.

While the news of the LA Rams adding Carson Wentz to the roster has been both welcomed and appreciated by Rams fans, the addition of Wentz will do nothing for the Rams offense until the Rams need to send the backup quarterback into the game.

Still, the presence of Wentz opens the pathway to other benefits. For starters (pun intended), if Wentz does work out well for the Rams, the team has an opportunity to extend Wentz for the foreseeable future. That seems like a solid option, as Stafford is the oldest active quarterback in the NFL right now, is about to turn 36 years old, and has a lot of wear and tear on his body.