Carson Wentz backing up Rams QB Matthew Stafford is ideal, but almost didn't happen

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III: Rams have a true pocket passer behind Stafford

Even before trading for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, the LA Rams were a bit dysfunctional when it came to how the team set up the quarterback room. While the LA Rams started a traditional pocket passer, the Rams loved to add dual-threat quarterbacks to fill the remainder of quarterback slots on the Rams roster.

The challenge with starting a pocket passer, but backing up the quarterback position with a mobile quarterback, is the difference necessitated by the different quarterback styles. With a pocket passer, offensive linemen have a pretty good sense of where the quarterback is located, and can steer the blocks to ensure that pocket is not threatened.

Roles for offensive linemen change significantly with mobile quarterbacks

With a mobile quarterback, pressure typically results in the quarterback scrambling, oftentimes right into the path of a pass rusher who is being steered away from the pocket by an unaware offensive lineman. And the entire run game and strategy changes. Unlike a fixed passer, many rushes with a mobile quarterback can threaten the defense by sending the running back in one direction, but sending the quarterback in another direction.

While I am not advocating for either style, I do believe that the style of the backup quarterback should emulate the style of the starting quarterback. After all, it's tough enough for a blocker to keep defenders away from a static quarterback, let alone one who runs into the defender in an attempt to scramble. And though Wentz is a pocket passer, he remains mobile enough to gain yards with his legs if the play breaks down.

Matthew Stafford stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 220 pounds. Carson Wentz stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 237 pounds. The Rams offensive line, and the entire offensive strategy, doesn't need to skip a beat if the Rams have to send Wentz into the fray to play quarterback if something happens to Stafford.

That's a huge upgrade.