Carson Wentz backing up Rams QB Matthew Stafford is ideal, but almost didn't happen

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II: Rams have a bonafide NFL QB who can throw all passes

Besides a pocket passer, the Rams have needed a backup who can win games with his throwing arm. That revelation hit the Rams squarely between the eyes in 2022 after the Rams rolled the dice by signing free agent veteran quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Rams have struggled under any scenario that involves Stafford injuries, simply from the fact that the LA Rams love to pass, but have seldom had any quarterbacks on the roster who boasted a complete arsenal of throws. It's not for a lack of trying. In the past two seasons, the Rams have turned to the backup quarterback, and have had only limited success when doing so.

Rams backup QBs who did not work out

The Rams have had QB Bryce Perkins, John Wolford, Baker Mayfield, Brett Rypien, and now Carson Wentz to test pilot the Rams offense. Some offensive coaches will custom-tailor the offense to suit the skillsets of whomever the quaterback may be. But it's obvious over the past two seasons that the Rams offense is more aligned with a sink-or-swim offensive philosophy.

Even Baker Mayfield, who did win two games for the Rams in true Hollywood dramatic fashion, was not extended by the Rams despite his ability to drive the offense. Even when a player performs well, the Rams either perceive that the team can do better, or believe that another player can perform just as well, but at a much lower price point.

While the LA Rams offense does afford plenty of options to an NFL quarterback on every play, that quarterback must achieve a certain volume of progression reads, football intelligence, and throws in his arsenal to make it all go. In short, if the quarterback hasn't enough horsepower to drive the thing, it doesn't go anywhere.

By signing Carson Wentz to backup Matthew Stafford, the LA Rams have certainly restored more than enough horsepower in the backup QB role to run all plays in any formation and scenario.