Ceiling and floor predictions for the LA Rams in the 2024 NFL Season

What is the ceiling for the LA Rams in 2024? What is the floor?
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams might have one final run in them in the Matthew Stafford era. Just how good can they be in 2024? I think we saw just how bad the Rams could be. The 2022 season was one to forget, as the team dealt with injuries and limped to a 5-12 record, finishing with the 27th-ranked scoring offense and 21st-ranked scoring defense.

It was an ugly year, but it did help pave the way for an incredibly encouraging 2023 NFL Season. LA went 10-7 and made improvements on both sides of the ball. With a fresh, young core of players now in town, the Rams might again make another leap, but just how good can they be in 2024? And the opposite could also happen; just how bad can it get?

Let's try to figure that out.

Ceiling and floor predictions for the LA Rams in the 2024 NFL Season
Ceiling: 12-5, Super Bowl Champions

There is nothing stopping the Los Angeles Rams from winning another Super Bowl. They did so in 2021, but their team structure was a lot different. Honestly, the 2021 Rams had the NFL version of a super-team. Star-studded players on both sides of the ball helped lead the team to victory.

The Rams did not have the greatest depth in 2021, either. LA did enjoy some pretty nice injury luck, and all the stars seemed to align. The 2024 version of the Los Angeles Rams seems equipped for a deep playoff run. The depth is much stronger in 2024 than it was in 2023, and their schedule is not that tough.

I do see some losses, as they will have their usual division games, so that means two against the San Francisco 49ers. They'll also play some other tough games like against the Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and maybe the New York Jets.

Still, though, 12-5 is a very good record, and this team has proved to be able to win it all before. What would stop them from doing it again?

Floor: 6-11, miss playoffs

The floor would be unfortunate, but I see a path toward it. The Los Angeles Rams would likely not have Matthew Stafford for most weeks. He might be in and out of the lineup with injuries, as he has been banged up for most of his NFL career and did miss some time in 2022. I would also see some of the veteran additions in the secondary in Tre White, Darious Williams, and Kamren Curl simply not play well.

There could also be some inconsistencies along the offensive line, and I can also see a scenario where Kyren Williams again struggles to stay on the field at times. The potentially disappointing part of this team is that to me, they are much more likely to be a very strong, competitive team than not, so them finishing with a losing record in the 2024 NFL Season would tell me that something major happened.

They might just fall in the middle of these two prediction, perhaps finishing with 11 wins and maybe making it one round deeper in the playoffs in 2024.

If that happened, LA would finish 11-6 and make it to the NFC Divisional Round. Would that be a successful season?