Coach Giff Smith: Can these 8 rookie prospects fit his defensive line?

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How do top DL prospects fit Coach Giff Smith?

I: Texas DT Byron Murphy II - is one of the most talked about defensive linemen in this draft class. Standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 297 pounds, he has the versatility to slide into multiple positions on the defensive line. He is incredibly athletic, and that allows him to play a physical game with urgency. He has the fire and physicality to flourish for Coach Smith.

II: Texas DT T'Vondre Sweat - has been one of the more controversial prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. Standing 6-foot-5 and weighing 366 pounds, he is a mountainous man whose athleticism will shock you as you see it for the first time. But does he fit Coach Smith's coaching style? I don't see it. He has struggled with some off-field matters that could be interpreted as a lack of accountability, a huge no-no for Coach Smith.

III: Missouri DE Darious Robinson - a versatile defensive lineman who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 285 pounds. He is a versatile defensive lineman with great size who loves to play physical football. He is a throw-back to old school smashmouth football, and could be one of Coach Smith's top prospects. Still a tad raw, he is passionate, coachable, and has some solid skills to become a solid NFL starter. He could play very well for Coach Smith.

IV: Illinois DT Jer'Zhan Newton - 6-foot-2 304-pound Jer'Zhan "Johnny" Newton is a muscular compact defensive lineman who has the strength and speed to threaten the quarterback and ball carrier until the whistle blows the play dead. He is a big defender whose power ensures he will stand out in run defensive, but whos speed and agility will keep him actively pursuing quarterbacks on passind downs. He checks all the boxes for a three-down defensive lineman, and could be a solid get for Coach Smith's defensive line.

V: Florida Braden Fiske - 6-foot-4 292-pound Braden Fiske possesses a revved-up engine that allows him to stick his nose into the offense before they expect him to. It's his athleticism and twitchy pedal to the metal presence on the defensive line that will earn him a spot in the defensive line rotation. Due to his size, he could slide into any of the three defensive line positions. But if he hopes to win a starting role, he will need to add about 10-20 more pounds of muscle. He gives it everything he has, and Coach Smith will love that about him.

VI: Michigan Kris Jenkins - Kris Jenkins is another defensive lineman who has the potential to become a solid contributor/starter in the NFL. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 299 pounds. Jenkins has the size and power to play the 1-tech or 3-tech for the Rams defensive line. Jenkins is a run-stuffing powerhouse who truly loves to power up in the gym and then apply those bulging muscles on the defensive front. Yes, Coach Smith will love that about him.

VII: Ohio State Michael Hall Jr. - By this point, we have starting to slide into Round 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft, but 6-foot-3 290-pound defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr. does not surrender much in the way of on-field potential and production. He is less refined in terms of other players names so far, but that merely opens the door to Coach Smith to help level him up. He is versatile enough to fill multiple roles on the defensive line, and has the foundation to excel in his NFL career. Coach Smith will live that about him.

VIII: Clemson Ruke Orhorhoro - The draft profile written about Ruke Orhorhoro shows no consensus as to his projection of when he may be selected. Some believe that he is such a strong prospect that he could be chosen near the end of Round 1. Others cite his raw skillsets, average athleticism, and dependency on his agility to project him no earlier than Day 3. While I lean more toward optimism, I used the site to rank the order of 2024 NFL Draft prospects. Orhorhoro is a 6-foot-4 294-pound rookie prospect who has the size to fill any defensive line positions on this team. Orhorhoro has the size and desire to succeed, he simply needs the right coach to show him the way. Yes, Coach Giff Smith can be that guy.

Ultimately, one of these eight prospects will hear his name called out by the LA Rams. Who will it be? That is up to you to decide. But having examined each prospect, the majority of them have the type of attitude and enthusiasm to flourish for Coach Smith in 2024.

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