Cooper Kupp had the perfect reaction to LA Rams drafting OLB Jared Verse

Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams
Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The LA Rams did not take the 2024 NFL Draft lightly. Despite what you may know or think you know about the team this season, the front office is not out to wager huge stakes and gamble the future of the franchise away on a whim. Even as the team does everything to maintain the facade of aristocracy and success on the outside, the undertones that nobody gets a chance to witness directly is the level of work needed to maintain that level of success.

All-Pro DT Aaron Donald understood the cost of that conviction to be the best version of himself. He worked towards that goal practically every day of his life throughout his 10 years in the NFL. While he did set a very high bar, he is not the only Rams player to connect the dots to tough training means gameday success.

The person who put that principle into an easy-to-remember mantra was none other than the legendary DL Coach Eric Henderson, who distilled the very essence of success in the NFL down to a basic foundation of #DAWGWORK: Discipline, Attitude, Work ethic, and Grit. It is the epitome of work hard, play hard, and it leads us to the 2024 NFL Draft headquarters for the LA Rams,

It is the Rams Draft house, but it also serves as an exquisite beach house. It is a rare combination of work and play design that features all the modern comforts of hard work. Throughout the building are rooms that hold shrines to the legends of the past and present, an architectural tribute to the team's track record of winning throughout its history:

Because they asked for it, let's take you to the famous Ram It music video:

So the path of hard work does come with its own unique set of rewards, but why bring all of this up now? Well, because it all builds the foundation of what comes next. After all, you have to understand that the rewards of working hard for this team are timeless. But, why do we keep stressing the fact that success for the LA Rams comes through hard work?

Cooper Kupp has the perfect reaction to the Rams selection of OLB Jared Verse

When a rookie prospect hears his name called out in any NFL Draft, that moment changes everything about his life and the life of his family forever. It is the realization of a dream, the culmination of that prospect's endeavors and aspirations. At that moment, dreams do come true.

And then, reality hits. The hard work is only just beginning:

Cooper Kupp's 'See you in the office!' welcome to Florida State outside linebacker Jared Verse is succcinct yet so profound. In just five words, he let's Jared Verse know what lies ahead. Work, and plenty of it.

Cooper Kupp should be the one who shares the message indicating that it's time to get to work. Kupp has just finished an off-season of working out with teammate Puka Nacua, workouts that were so intense that Nacua was physically ill as his body learned to adjust to the intensity of those daily demands.

These incredibly demanding workouts featured All-Pro WR Cooper Kupp, the runner-up to the All-Time NFL Single Season Receiving Record, and Puka Nacua, the All-Time NFL Rookie Receiving Record. They are two players who have set the bar sky-high in their careers already. There reward? Even more intense workouts.

Yes, welcome aboard Jared Verse. The Rams have been expecting you.

Now, clock in and be ready to work like you've never worked before. In the end, it will all be worth it.