Could LA Rams outsmart the NFL with 1 of these 5 out of favor QBs?

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Just a Jet setter

Some NFL team fan bases seem to be snake bit when it comes to finding and keeping an elite quarterback healthy. That seems to be the case for the Cleveland Browns, whose chapter with former Texans quaterback Deshaun Watson has been anything but positive. The same can be said of the New York Jets experience with Aaron Rodgers so far this season. Thankfully, the New York Jets backup quarterback Zach Wilson was ready to make Jets forget about Rodgers injury. The problem is, Wilson is not impressing anyone in the Big Apple.

The LA Rams already have a significant data base on Wilson, as his rookie offensive coordinator was Mike LaFleur, the current offensive coordinator for the LA Rams in 2023. Much like Trey Lance, Wilson was selected in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft, with the second overall pick. He has not shown much value for being picked that soon so far, which has worn the patience of Jets fans awfully thin.

And as it stands now, unless the Jets cut or trade him, he will be back for the 2024 NFL season too.

A Jet in the hand . . .

In 32 games played, and 31 starts, Wilson has yet to complete 60 percent of his passes in any given season. For his career, he has completed 535 of his 946 passes thrown, gaining 5,966 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions.

One of the more difficult things to accept is the fact that Wilson appears to be flawed. Rookie prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft are only limited by our own imagination, not by the reality of three NFL seasons of struggles. But I assure you that the New York Jets and Jets fans were elated to draft Zach Wilson in 2021. Knowing what Wilson's flaws are, up front, allows the Rams' front office to make a fair offer for what the Rams know him to be.

A sure fire starter who will win games? Perhaps not. But keep in mind how tarnished Baker Mayfield appeared to be when the LA Rams signed him in 2022. He was an entirely different and better performer in the Rams offense. Perhaps that future awaits another tarnished quarterback?