Could LA Rams outsmart the NFL with 1 of these 5 out of favor QBs?

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A big player who has shrunk in stature

New York City does not believe that Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is the only disappointment. The New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has certainly been a mixed bag for the G Men since being drafted in the first round out of Duke University with the sixth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 230 pounds, so he is every bit the right dimensions for an NFL quarterback.

He is just far too inconsistent for a tough New York fanbase whose patience has run out completely.

Making matters worse, The New York Giants extended Jones on a four-year $160 million on March 7, 2023. That contract will cost any team willing to trade for him $35 million in 2024, $30 million in 2025, and $46.5 million in 2026. However, the contract is severable after 2024.

Daniel Jones is a true hit, or miss . . . veteran

The contract was negotiated after the best season of Jones' career, a season in which Jones had completed 317 of 472 passes for 3,205 yards,15 touchdowns, and only five interceptions. His performance was so impressive, that he received two votes for AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2022.

The Giants are linked to the performance of starting quarterback Daniel Jones. When he plays well, the GIants were 9-6-1 and earned a berth in the NFL Playoffs. When he struggles, the GIants do not play well. This season, the Giants are 3-8 behind a struggling Jones, who has completed 108 of 160 passes for 909 yards, two touchdowns, and six interceptions.

So why would the Rams entertain any interest in clearing salary cap space for the New York Giants? Well, the Rams would need to view Jones as a quarterback who is capable of starting for the Rams, which is a bit of a stretch right out of the gate. Perhaps the larger hurdle for the Rams is the price tag associated with having Daniel Jones on the Rams roster in 2024. $30 million is a huge hit for a player whose performance is so erratic.

I'm quite certain if the Rams show any interest in Jones, the Giants will listen.