Could the Rams be key to a blockbuster trade scenario on draft day?

NFL teams love to trade up on draft day to be in position to select a top-tier prospect. Could the Rams be the key to these 3 blockbuster trade scenarios on draft day?
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Vikings prepared to plunder the draft

Having lost long-time veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins to free agency, the Minnesota Vikings are undoubtedly passionately exploring one of two scenarios: Trade up for a top-tier quarterback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft or camoufage a tanking season to ensure being in position to draft a top quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. Right now, the Vikings are likely investigating any and every option to trade up in this draft:

Right now, the Minnesota VIkings hold two picks in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft, and combining the pair could get them as high as the Arizona Cardinals pick at the fourth overall. But doing so would cripple the Vikings 2024 NFL Draft, as they would be left with Day 3 picks. But if the Vikings package both picks in Round 1, plus a pick in Round 5, they have enough intrinsic value to pry the Cardinals picks in Round 1 (4th overall) and Round 3 (71st overall), But would a team trying to rebuild be willing to do so?

What happens if the Vikings invite the LA Rams in as a third NFL team in this trade? Then the return for each team is pretty straight forward: The Vikings move up to land a top quarterback, the Cardinals move back but end up with two Round 1 picks in the top 20, and the Rams move back four spots and pick up an early pick in Round 3.

Rams 3-team trade

That seems like a draft day trade that all three teams could be pleased with. Of course, with posturing and pre-draft misinformation, you may hear that the Cardinals want a minimum of three Round 1 picks for their fourth-overall pick. But we hear plenty of trade demands that seldom pan out at this time of year.

In all three scenarios, an NFL team urgently seeks to trade up in Round 1 to be in position to select one of the top rookie prospects at their respective positions. And in all three scenarios, the LA Rams are situated in the draft to aid that needy team in getting to the right spot in the draft order to make that selection. But on draft day, it will depend on who is, and who is not, on the board to determine if any trade takes place.

The Rams may be involved in a blockbuster trade on draft day. If they are, they may not be making a selection in Round 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft after all.

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