Day 2 mini mock draft for the LA Rams

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We are just days away from the 2023 NFL Draft, and once again, the LA Rams don't have a first-round pick. Even though we would all love to be sitting there on that first night anticipating at Rams' first-round selection, that doesn't mean we can't get excited for Day 2. The arrival of the NFL draft season also means mock draft season, so I thought I would make my mini-mock draft for the Rams selections for day two. The Rams have picks at 36, 69, and 77. So why not start there?

The Rams have one pick in round 2 (36th overall) and two picks in round 3 (69th, 77th overall), and they will have many options to choose from. When you look at the day 2 "team needs," the positions include OL, DB, DL, and TE. So let's jump right into the LA Rams 2023 day two mini mock draft.

With the 36th overall pick, the LA Rams select OT Anton Harrison Oklahoma

When you look at the Rams' roster, the offensive line is one area they need to get better and significantly younger. So even though others think the Rams might go in a different direction with their first pick, I think their best bet is to take an offensive lineman, and I believe Anton Harrison from Oklahoma is an excellent choice at this point in the draft.

With veteran QB Matthew Stafford not getting any younger and dealing with significant concussion injuries last season, he needs to be protected at all costs, and OL's help will do that. Harrison is 6'4 at about 315Ibs and had a solid career at the University of Oklahoma. He has the height and size you need in an OL, and even though most people consider him a right tackle, he could play left tackle if needed.

Harrison is an excellent pass-and-run blocker with great intangibles for players' strength coming out of college. His strength is above average, and he has solid speed and quickness for a guy that weighs 315Ib as he ran a 4.98 40-yard dash. Hopefully, Harrison will be there for the Rams at 36th overall, as I believe he could make a significant impact even as a rookie to help out that offensive line.