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With the 69th overall pick, the LA Rams select CB Cam Smith South Carolina

Unfortunately for Rams fans, one trade made by GM Les Snead and the Rams' front office was sending all-pro CB Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins basically as a way to free up cap space. No one wanted to see Jalen leave as he has been a big part of this team in past years, but that was the move the Rams made, and now it's time to adjust and get someone else in here to fill Jalen's spot.

Now, no rookie will be able to replace what Jalen brought, but you need to start somewhere, and with this pick, I think Cam Smith would be a good choice. Smith comes in at 6'0ft,180Ibs out of the University of South Carolina. This player has good versatility and quickness; he has had experience playing safety and even nickel at times.

He has quick feet so that he can cover well, but as we saw in college, he is at his best in zone coverage, but as time goes on, hell improves in his one-on-one coverage. One aspect he needs to improve is being less "handsy." He tends to use his hands a lot which he can get away with in college, but as you get into the NFL, that won't work as much as the referees will see that nine times out of 10.

The Rams need to go with a defensive back with one of these first three picks, and if Cam Smith is still on the board at pick number 69, they should pull the trigger and take him.