Day 2 mini mock draft for the LA Rams

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With the 77th overall pick, the LA Rams select TE Tucker Kraft South Dakota State

The 77th overall pick is the most interesting, as they can go with a few different positions with this pick. They could go edge rusher, wide receiver, or maybe another OL, but I went with TE Tucker Kraft out of the University of South Dakota State.

Kraft is a 6'4, 254Ibs tight end with solid blocking skills. Having a tight end that can block well is critical to an offense, especially an offense that should focus on running the ball more RB Cam Akers, as we saw at the end of last year, can be productive when he gets the opuutuinty that he deserves.

Kraft creates matchup problems on the outside, can catch the ball well, and make plays down the field with his size. Kraft needs to get better at creating separation when he get jammed at the line, but hopefully, being around guys like TE Tyler Higbee will help him improve in that area.

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Obviously, Kraft won't be the starting tight end this upcoming season, but learning the offense and playing the position in the NFL should help him drastically. Hopefully, he can be a guy that can accel in the upcoming years.