Deep dive into complex LA Rams draft needs in the 2024 NFL Draft

NFL Scouting Combine. LA Rams GM Les Snead
NFL Scouting Combine. LA Rams GM Les Snead / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Upgrade the Rams roster in 3 not-so-easy steps

Still, the next steps for the LA Rams are the more difficult and treacherous. While the Rams are closer to a Super Bowl contender in 2024 than many may realize, the path to get there remains a bit of an enigma. The Rams have three paths to improve in 2024. The most obvious way to upgrade is by shopping the 2024 NFL Free Agency market. While that is the most obvious method, it is also the most challenging one, After all, the presumption about any veteran free agent regarding past performance includes subjective speculation.

Can a veteran harmonize with the players and coaches in the LA Rams organization? Will that player flourish in the Rams system? Or will that player, as some have done in the past, merely show up for a big payday that fails to show up on the football field?

The second method, and one in which we will be focusing on with this article is adding players via the NFL draft. The process of adding players via the draft is by no means a certainty either. The LA Rams, like any NFL team, may miss with a rookie selection, may get a player who will struggle to be a rotational contributor, will be a full fledged starter, or may hit the jackpot with a player whose production is at the top of the rookie class. But despite the boasts of knowing who is and is not a success in the NFL before the NFL draft takes place, the Rams have no better odds of succeeding than any other NFL team.

Finally, there is the most effective method that fans seem to overlook, if not ignore completely. That is simply the method of developing the players who are currently on the roster right now. While some may not believe this to be a viable method, nearly every elite NFL player who ultimately leads the league in production started as a less-productive rookie. Young players need time to develop.

So, ass we assess the needs on the LA Rams roster, we must assess the Rams current roster in terms of:

  1. Depth - Do the Rams have sufficient numbers of players at that position to endure a 17 game season?
  2. Talent - Is there enough talent on the Rams roster to offer meaningful competition for starters for the 2024 NFL season?
  3. Durability - Do LA Rams players have a history with injuries that make the need at that position face a greater risk in 2024?
  4. Retention - Will the Rams be able to afford extending veteran players at that position?
  5. Availability - Is there a sufficient supply of prospects at the position of need on the draft board?

In the end, the Rams draft needs may simply not align with how the draft board falls to them. And so, the Rams front office must have multiple options of how they plan to restock the Rams roster. So what positions will the Rams target in the 2024 NFL Draft?