Deep dive into complex LA Rams draft needs in the 2024 NFL Draft

NFL Scouting Combine. LA Rams GM Les Snead
NFL Scouting Combine. LA Rams GM Les Snead / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Enough stars, not enough depth

Inside linebacker - The LA Rams have a Pro Bowl caliber inside lineback in Ernest Jones. But what of the other ILB position? And what of the depth at the position? The Rams will be losing both Christian Rozeboom and Troy Reeder to expiring contracts. While extending Christian Rozeboom is not off the table, The Rams could benefit to depth at the linebacker position. The added benefit to adding interior linebackers is the fact that they would also compete for special teams.

I really like Olakunle Fatukasi from the Rams practice squad. If the Rams extend Rozeboom, the Rams front office could get away with a late Day 3 selection at the position, or perhaps settle for signing a player or two at the position after the 2024 NFL Draft.

Edge rushers - There is a great deal of discussion about how the LA Rams need to commit to top-tier edge rushers for 2024. I am not convinced that the LA Rams front office views the position in the same 'gotta fix now,' light. We focused on the Rams' young pass rush recently and discovered compelling evidence that the team's pass rush may be in for a huge uptick in 2024 even if the Rams do nothing.

The LA Rams young guns of Kobie Turner and Byron Young combined for 17.0 quarterback sacks in 2023. They could pair up for over 25.0 quarterback sacks in 2024. If the Rams see that as a realistic projection, why spend top dollar in free agency and force playing time away from the team's young stars? The Rams two young stars are every bit as productive as Carolina Panther's DE Brian Burns, and cost a fraction of the price.

I could see the Rams adding a player or two to the position in Day 3. But I would not shed any tears if the team addresses other positions in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Offensive line - The Rams offensive line for 2024 is in really good shape. But the Rams will have some tough choices to make in the offseason. The Rams currently project to lose LT Alaric Jackson, IOL Tremayne Anchrum, and RG Kevin Dotson. Right now, many fans insist that the Rams must re-sign Dotson to end up with a successful offseason. But the more important extension in my opinion is that of left tackle Alaric Jackson.

The Rams have multiple players who could step up to fill the right guard position. Logan Bruss is the most obvious candidate, but I really like IOL Mike McAllister to compete for a starting role in 2024.

Right now, the LA Rams are projected to lose three key offensive linemen in the 2024 offseason. If the Rams fail to extend anyone, the entire complexion of the 2024 NFL Draft changes, with the Rams forced to prioritize a starting left tackle in Day 1. But if the team can extend LT Alaric Jackson, the Rams may be fine to draft for offensive line depth only.