Despite a 2-3 record, the No Name LA Rams roster gives many reasons for optimism

Despite a sputtering start to the 2023 NFL season, the No-Name LA Rams have a growing list of reasons to feel optimistic

Sean McVay LA Rams
Sean McVay LA Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

While the LA Rams' current situation is a far cry from the postseason fixtures of yesteryear, there are plenty of reasons to believe that this Rams roster packed with young talent and anonymous players is a bit better than many expected. After all, the Rams shed many of the key veteran contributors and entered the 2023 NFL Draft with less than half the number of players who would ultimately be added to the roster.

Yet the team, bursting with inexperience and youthful energy, ran through OTAs, training camp, and preseason with their heads held high. This season was never about competing in the NFL Playoffs. Rather, the Rams focused on football fundamentals, controlling those aspects of a game that can be controlled. And while their performance has only resulted in a record of 2-3, that is a far cry from the truth about this team.

The Rams have played against five NFL teams that have amassed a combined record of 18-6. And in the five games played, this Rams team has been very competitive. In fact, the team has a net point differential of +4, which is only bested by the Houston Texans (2-3) who boast a point differential of +15.

The Rams have a net turnover value of (-2). which is not horrific considering the fact that starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is averaging one interception per game.

Rams have a solid foundation for the 2023 NFL season

In terms of scoring, the Rams have five passing touchdowns and six rushing touchdowns. But in terms of play-calling, the Rams remain a pass-centric offense. The Rams have attempted 203 passes, completed 124, and have 1,451 yards through the air. On the ground, the Rams have rushed 125 times for 470 yards. As far as pointing points on the scoreboard, the Rams average 22.4 points per game, which is good enough to rank as the 14th-best-scoring offense in the NFL.

Defensively, the Rams have allowed an average of 206.8 passing yards (15th best in the NFL) and 120.6 rushing yards (20th best in the NFL) per game. Since points allowed is the most important defensive stat, the Rams mark of 21.6 points allowed per game (16th best in the NFL) is a solid mark for the first five games.

The Rams are about to play a three game homestand, which may not be reason for optimism with an 0-2 home record already on the books. But this is a young team that is improving with each game. The Rams already boast five rookies from the 2023 NFL Draft who are making significant contributions to the team already, and that number will likely grow as the season progresses.