Despite history on their side, LA Rams haven't caught the oddsmakers eye

The LA Rams 3-year cycle is a pattern that should result in the Rams competing in Super Bowl LIX. But the latest odds simply do not see it that way:


The 2023 NFL season is not officially done, over, kaput. With the nail-biting victory of the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 25-22 in overtime, the Chiefs have cemented their legacy with two consecutive Super Bowl wins in the past two seasons. The last NFC team to win a Super Bowl was the LA Rams, the winner of Super Bowl LVI.

We have been pretty persistent in detecting a 3-year cyclical pattern in terms of the LA Rams' success. The pattern began in 2016, and the team is now in Year 3 of the third 3-year cycle. If the team adheres to the same pattern again, the LA Rams will appear in Super Bowl LIX. The team is 1-1 so far in Super Bowl victories with GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay at the helm. Is this team in line for a second Lombardi Trophy?

The answer to that question is more about faith that factual logic at this point. All 32 NFL teams are now busy at preparing themselves to regroup their staff, reform their rosters, and restrategize for a new NFL season. That will occupy the front offices and coaching staff of all teams for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the 'real football,' period of the calendar year is over, and what we are now left with is reviewing what went right or wrong for the team last season, and a host of imaginative projections for next season. That speculation also includes the far-too-early odds for NFL teams to win next year's Super Bowl BetSided's Peter Dewey has been on top of that topic and published the latest and greatest odds for all 32 NFL teams to win next year's Super Bowl.

Where do the Rams fall in next year's Super Bowl odds?

Well, let's not limit ourselves to just the Rams. Let's take a hard look at the entire NFC West Division in terms of next year's odds of winning the NFL Championship Game:

NFC West Odds for Super Bowl LIX

While the odds may be based more on 2023 sentiment than anything that has happened to alter team trajectories for 2024, it still adds a bit of football to the dry spell until the next kickoff. So how to the teams in the NFC West stack up?

Right now, the San Francisco 49ers are the odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl LIX. I'm not sure that I agree with that initial assessment. But for the sake of comparison, here are the four NFC West teams, their 2023 records, their 2023 division records, and their current (February 12, 2024) odds for Super Bowl LIX:


2023 record

NFC West Division record

Super Bowl LIX Odds

San Francisco 49ers




LA Rams




Seattle Seahawks




Arizona Cardinals




For what it's worth, favorites have not been successful at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. While I believe that the odds for the 49ers are too lean and the odds for the Rams are too heavy, It's enough to put the 2024 NFL season into an instant perspective. Stay tuned . . .