Did LA Rams find their future FG kicker in Lucas Havrisik?

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers, Lucas Havrisik
Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers, Lucas Havrisik / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Have the LA Rams upgraded their placekicker position? That was the hope when a struggling kicker named Brett Maher was released, and the Rams immediately signed Lucas Havrisik off the Cleveland Browns practice squad. But he was somewhat anointed into his starting role, as he had to be signed to the Rams' active roster. That made me openly nervous.

My concerns were unfounded, it seems. At least not in the Week 8 drubbing at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. Rams kicker Lucas Havrisik was flawless in his debut. But a soggy field, blustery and rainy weather, and the unwelcome setting of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field would tarnish Havrisik's record.

Soggy field taints Havrisik's impressive debut

Even as the LA Rams' new FG kicker Lucas Havrisik ended his Week 9 performance by kicking one of two field goals, let's be clear. The chilling, rainy, and soggy field conditions created horrendous conditions for the Rams placekicker to impress his coaching staff. Havriskik made a 52-yard field goal but missed a 49-yard field goal attempt on the day.

Now the question is, has he done enough to warrant an optimistic expectation? Will the Rams likely be looking for a new kicker after the BYE? Or is there simply not enough evidence to lean either way?

For myself, I'm in the optimistic camp. While Lucas Havrisik has a kicking accuracy of just 75 percent, I am grading on the curve due to the horrendous field conditions in Week 9. Curiously, he has yet to attempt an extra point. The Rams opted for two-point conversions in Week 8, and never scored a touchdown in Week 9.

Still, he was able to take over for the injured Ethan Evans at kickoff duties, and has performed admirably enough to repeat the role the following week. I am not suggesting that Lucas Havrisik is by any means a Pro Bowl candidate. But with the Rams deeply disturbing challenges at other positions like backup quarterback, I believe that the Rams should focus on addressing those needs first. Hopefully, the Rams will allow Lucas Havrisik to settle in as the kicker for the rest of 2023.