Did the Rams 2024 season become a recruiting tool for this NCAA football team?

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

The LA Rams may have leveraged the dominating defense of the Florida State Seminoles in the 2024 NFL Draft, but turnabout is fair play. After all, when the Rams selected FSU's OLB Jared Verse with the 19th overall pick and then traded up to select FSU's DT Braden Fiske with the 39th overall pick, people were bound to talk. And they did. But so far much of the discussion over the sequence of events that focused on the Rams paying such a high premium to move up in Round 2 to select Fiske.

Of course, other perspectives believe that the team was compelled to trade up for Fiske in Round 2, as he was the top prospect on the team's draft board. And then there is the fact that many viewed Fiske as the last defensive lineman on the draft board with true Day 1 starting potential.

Still, the clever folks who run Florida State University football social media are leveraging the Rams interest in drafting two Seminoles football players back-to-back by posting a very clever video extract of the two players:

The video showcases an outstanding play by Jared Verse and Braden Fiske, and then cleverly transforms their uniforms from that of the FSU Seminoles to that of the LA Rams. While the message is instantly clear that two FSU prospects are bringing their defensive prowess to the NFL for the Rams, there is a less obvious but very powerful message being shared as well.

Florida State Seminoles football players are drafted by great NFL football teams.

Recruiting for NCAA football teams is fiercely competitive. In many ways, recruitment is the number one skill for success as a college football player. While some college football coaches can let the record of their teams speak for themselves, not all coaches have great and long-standing success to leverage for luring football players to their team.

Ultimately, college football players want to play for a winning football team, want a full scholarship, and want to be selected by an NFL team when their college careers are over. Florida State has leveled up their recruitment tools by showcasing their top two defensive players as drafted by the LA Rams within the Top-40 selections of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Did the LA Rams 2024 season just become a recruiting tool for the Florida State University Seminoles football team? Yes, it did. And there may be no better tool in the toolbox for an NCAA football team this year.