Division rival could become draft day ally if Rams seek trade up scenario

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
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How can the Rams climb the draft day ladder to get him?

The LA Rams may not be able to trade high enough to get Rome Odunze. Some mock drafts have him coming off the draft board as early as the sixth overall pick. If the majority of mocks hold true, then Odunze will fall to the cusp of the Top-10 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Still, who would trade back?

Lo and behold, the Rams may find an ally in their NFC West Division Rival, the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals appear to be open to trading back from the fourth overall pick. Still, that doesn't seem to be of much help to the Rams. But follow along this line of thinking.

There is no way that the Minnesota Vikings can hope to enter the 2024 NFL season behind starting quarterback Sam Darnold. So you have to believe that the Vikings will want to trade up. At the fourth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Vikings can reasonably expect to find one of the top quarterbacks still on the board. I believe that they will seek Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy there. So they will be very motivated to trade up. That trade will look like this:

VIkings Cards Trade

The trade results in the Viking moving up to a spot where they can select QB J.J. McCarthy. The Arizona Cardinals now have picks in Round 1 at 11, 23, and 27. But they have a chance to do better, and the LA Rams are a team that is willing to trade for that 11th overall pick.

So what might that trade look like? Keep in mind that this trade applies if Rome Odunze is on the board when the 11th pick of the draft is on the clock:

Rams Cards trade

In this trade, the Cardinals land three picks, while the LA Rams land a receiver who is ready to jump out of the gates instantly in the 2024 NFL season.

Is Rome Odunze worth it? The team has thought highly of far lesser receivers in recent history. Would the them trade up in this scenario? If the team loves him as much as I suspect they will? Absolutely.

Of course, this scenario could be used to trade up to select any prospect on the board at 11. It need not be WR Rome Odunze. Odunze met with the Rams, is a prospect who the Rams would need to trade up to select, and fits the type of player who the Rams could reasonablly view as worthy of trading up for.

LA Rams GM Les Snead is back to wheelin' and dealin' folks. That means he is likely to do anything to improve the roster. Stay tuned . . .