Do you expect this Rams star rookie to lead team in QB sacks in 2024?

Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages
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The sack leaders in the NFL are not fooling around. In 2023, the Top 3 QB sack leaders averaged 18.0 QB sacks. In 2022, the Top 3 QB sack leaders averaged 17.0 QB sacks. The number of sacks needed to flirt with a Top-3 finish for Kobie Turner is realistically doubling his 2023 production.

While he could squeeze one or two more sacks out of playing with more experience, and he could get two or three more sacks out of playing a greater share of defensive snaps, that optimistically only reaches as high as 14 QB sacks.

Playing nose tackle in the NFL is a tough spot to stack up QB sacks from. The physicality and sheer force required to even make a tackle in any given play is so taxing that the toll on his body will begin to have an aggregate effect. Even if he sits out the preseason (he will), he faces at least 17 games (and perhaps as many as 21 games) in the upcoming year. Staying healthy all year long will be a bit more difficult after an incredibly positive NFL debut.

While The Conductor had an opportunity to surprise offenses in 2023, the element of surprise has vanished already. Turner is not only getting double-teamed at the line of scrimmage by the center and a guard, but if he breaks through, he is being greeted by a running back who chips at him as well. Teams are beginning to plan their offenses to account for Kobie Turner at all times.

It's tough to get the jump on a quarterback who is coached to know where he is at all times.

Even a hope to repeat as the team's sack leader is a bit much, isn't it?