Does Kupp's absence open door for 3 LA Rams underestimated weapons in Week 1?

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Weapon III: Rookie TE Davis Allen

The LA Rams' unofficial depth chart has rookie tight end Davis Allen buried as the fourth tight end on the Rams roster of four tight ends. That does not preclude his having a chance to get some offensive snaps, and here's why:

Starting TE Tyler Higbee is the obvious alternative in terms of targets when Cooper Kupp is not on the football field. The LA Rams threw to him nearly as often as Kupp in 2022. But in a recent article, the point that Tyler Higbee is the obvious Plan B option for the LA Rams offense has already been made

The thing is, everyone in the NFL knows that fact as well. So why not Brycen Hopkins? Despite Hopkins entering his fourth NFL season, he has never quite ascended to the level of great blocking tight end or formidable pass-catching tight end. He is a good backup to veteran Higbee, which means that the Seahawks will merely devote the same defensive resources at Hopkins as Higbee.

The Seahawks defense has not seen rookie Davis Allen play for the LA Rams. That in itself can give the Rams an advantage. If the Seahawks try to defend Allen with a linebacker, he can run routes and haul in passes all afternoon. If they try to defend him with a defensive back, then he can simply take on a role of a blocking tight end and mow down defenders as the Rams run the football around Davis Allen.

I think getting Davis Allen into the offense for a couple of offensive series could be the opening that the Rams need. The Rams can run and can pass with Allen on the football field, and a balanced offense would absolutely keep the Seahawks defenders guessing on on their heels.