Does LA Rams' newfound salary cap space mean imminent FA signing? 3 answers - Too hot, too cold, just right

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III: Too Hot

The LA Rams are no strangers to knowing who and what this team needs to compete, and has been anything but shy about aggressively pursuing that player or players. And if you believe that the Rams roster feels a bit shaky, you are not alone. Is it one or two players away from competing in the NFL Playoffs?

It's almost fantasy football like sensational if you dare to peruse the current NFL players who do not have a home. Do you need pass rush help? Veteran defensive ends Robert Quinn and Yannick Ngakoue are still available. Need a quality running back? Veteran rushers Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliott are still free agents. Need help in the secondary? Safety John Johnson III, CB Marcus Peters, and CB Ronald Darby are looking for a new team

Is a Rams free agency signing imminent?

An expansion team could literally stock the roster with existing NFL free agents and have a shot at the NFL playoffs. That's how reputable unsigned players are right now. And it is leading some to believe that the LA Rams have a veteran player in their sights:

While it is definitely a 'fun theory' to believe that the LA Rams are prepared to sign a veteran, that really is a stretch of the imagination. And for once it has nothing to do with the money.

After mini camp, the LA Rams coaching staff are still assessing and coaching up so many rookie players. That allows no time or opportunity to assess the missing pieces on this roster. And if they coaches did make those types of calls now, how accurate could that be without pads on the players?

Let's be a bit more pragmatic about what this all means . . .